If you love nature, you will enjoy to go on a hike to observe the different bird species that can be found in the San Lorenzo Ridge. During the tour you might spot around 120 bird species, while being guided by a naturalist guide of the Mindo area. The best hours for observation are between 6am and 10am. We also have different birdwatching tours during the whole day in the surroundings of Mindo. The most noted one is the observation of the Cock of the Rock.

Including the areas that can be visited in day trips from the town of Mindo, there are an estimated 550 bird species. Birds that can be seen in the Mindo area include Cock-of-the-Rock, Chestnut-Mandibled Toucan, Toucan Barbet, Giant Antpitta, Scaled Fruiteater, Club-Winged Manakin and Torrent Duck, among others.

We have bilingual tour guides for this activity.


Most popular activities

Waterfalls Sanctuary

Tarabita of 530 mts. that shorten the time of walk, giving you the emotions of vertigo of height and a complete appreciation of the forest. In addition to 7 waterfalls; where you can observe the flora and fauna of the cloud forest of Mindo; to visit the sanctuary of the waterfalls you should walk approximately an hour and a half on self-guided trails through the forest.

Price per person $ 5.00 + TAX (minimum 1 person).

Special discounts for groups.

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Mindo has 1200 species of butterflies, many of them in danger of extinction. At the Butterfly, visitors will have the opportunity to know the whole process of metamorphosis of butterflies, which consists of 4 phases: egg, caterpillar, chrysalis and butterfly. You can observe and feed 25 species of butterflies of great variety and color.

Price per person $ 7.50 + TAX (adults).
Price per person $ 4.00 + TAX (children and seniors).

Special discounts for groups.

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Tour of 3,500 meters, in 10 different cables. Tour with trained guides throughout the circuit. National and international certificates. Approximately an hour and a half long.

Tour of 3 cables-price per person $ 8.00 + TAX (minimum 1 person).
Tour of 10 cables-price per person $ 14.00 + TAX (minimum 1 person).
10 ziplines tour-price per person $ 20.00 + TAX.

Special discounts for groups.

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